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Facebook versus Google Pay Per Click

For a few years now, we've been hearing it… If you're going to advertise online, the place to be is Google. Every vendor started selling Google pay per click including the Yellow Pages publishers.  Everyone was trying to get in on the game. How does it measure up against a newer venue for advertising - pay per click ads on Facebook?


You rely on us to not only answer your phones pleasantly and professionally, you rely on us to keep our cool and work successfully with disgruntled customers.  Our response to a frustrated client sets the stage for whether your efforts gain a fan or lose a customer. How do we keep our cool with an angry phone call and set the stage for your follow up? We follow these 5 steps.

  1. Be an active listener. Repeating and rephrasing what the customer has told us assures them that their problem is understood.
  2. Be sympathetic. We do not shy away from apologizing if their call has not been returned, or if the work was not done to their satisfaction.
  3. Be specific. We let the customer know exactly what steps we will be taking to follow up on their complaint and make sure it reaches the right ears. The more comprehensive those steps are (i.e. a phone call and an e-mail will be sent to the owner of the company), the better the customer feels.  If the customer says those steps have been taken before, we take a moment to consider alternative actions or alternative contact people who might be able to resolve the problem.
  4. Impart the customer’s urgency to others. We make a strong effort to communicate to those “right ears” the urgency the customer feels and the time frame they are working in. The more detailed we can be about the problem the customer has, the steps that have been taken to follow up already, and the time frame, the better we can equip you to respond. 
  5. Maintain perspective. We acknowledge that although we may be on the receiving end of anger, it may not be due to our actions or aimed personally at us as customer service representatives.  This helps us maintain perspective and  untangle the threads of the customer’s complaint.  We also have a healthy sense of humor about certain complaints and recurring callers. We have received calls from psychiatric wards, serial and unyielding job applicants who continually insist they ought to be hired, and customers using such over-the-top language as “I will destroy you.” 

Keeping our cool with frustrated customers is all in a day’s work at RedClick Marketing. And it certainly leads to plenty of funny stories to share with one another!   

Find out more about the things we offer in our Remote Call Center Program and Marketing Plans & Services page.

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